Life is still a cabaret – By Katherine Nichols

Brandy Lee is back for one night of risqu? entertainment in Waikiki

Brandy Lee remembers the glory days, decades ago in San Francisco, when a limousine was her standard mode of transportation, lines for her shows stretched around the block and fans loved her so much that they tried to tear off pieces of her clothing or hair for souvenirs.

Now, she jokes, “they’re taking me out of mothballs.”

But as her waist-length hair flows across her floor-length gown in the Kakaako apartment she shares with her boyfriend of 11 years, nobody would ever guess that the female impersonator is approaching 65. After 30 years of performing — and a decade-long break — she’s returning to the Hawaiian Hut on Saturday night. Fifteen other performers will join Lee for “Le Bizarre,” a show with singing, dancing, outrageous costumes and enough unscripted fun to make it more than a little risqu?.

“I always wanted to do a Parisian type of show,” she said of the Jack Cione-directed performance. “Anything and everything!”