Lost star enjoys cross-dressing

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‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Lost’ star Dominic Monaghan says he enjoys wearing women’s clothing and make-up, but adds that he can’t be gay because he finds women attractive.

In yet another of the seemingly endless ‘outings’ that are so fashionable in Hollywood these days, BANG media quotes Monaghan as saying that he should be gay … but isn’t.

“I wear make-up and I paint my nails. I wear high heels. This is all true,” the 31-year-old actor reportedly said.

“I like wearing skirts. I should probably be gay but I like women too much.”

Overexplaining somewhat, Monaghan went to say he considers himself metrosexual because he has no male pride. Odd connection, to be sure, but he made it – not us.