Lyra 1952 -2015

My Friends,

We lost a true and dear friend to us all this week, Lyra The Original. I will miss her terribly. She and I became close over the years and we shared our lives together. We laughed, we cried, we shared our most private thoughts. As many of you know you Lyra was here on the Urna long before most of us. She could put a smile on anyone’s face and she had her way with puns, a true punster if the ever was one. Lyra had no close family. Her parents and sister had already passed on. She had a few close friends where she lived, but Lyra was a loner and a shut in. So I feel like we were her family. She was always there for us and I’d for us to be there for her.

I’d like to honor our dear friend with some kind of memorial , perhaps it could be a scholarship or a fund that could help out in our community. It could go for helping our members get back on our feet, help with surgeries or anything. I’m throwing the idea out. This could be something we can do easily, all it would take is donation of any sort, through paypal or any other type of online payment. Pam thought it was a good idea and would like to do it.

I’m asking for any feedback or ideas to honor our dear sister. Please let me know what you all think.


Jamey Grey