Mexico-born Transsexual Vaniity has obtained many fans – by Traci Lawson

Vaniity’s birth name Pedro Mora Kotero (aka Delilah Vaniity Kotero). She is an explicit transsexual film actress, who was born in Uruapan, Mexico on July 26, 1973. Her family migrated to Sunnyvale, northern California in the United States when she was seven years old. Vaniity comes from a large family, she has six brothers and four sisters.

Brandy Scott from says, “Almost from the very beginning of her notoriety, Vaniity has generated her share of followers including me. To be sure, all other TS star wanna-be’s owe just a little something to Vaniity’s bigger-than-life persona.”

Many fans have come out to see her at various Conventions.

Brandy Scott also says, “Nevertheless, Miss V. herself put it best when she proclaimed in an earlier interview what ardent fans have known all along: “There is only one Vaniity!” Indeed. Could the world handle more exotic beauty – I don’t think so!”