Ministers calling magnified by his journey – By Bill Hutchinson

The Rev. David Wynn is off Saturday and Monday, so he will spend the day with his wife Wren and their son Seth, who has eight teeth, one for every month of his life to date, and is just learning how to risk all of them in thrilling freefall flights from the sofa.

“He’s an adventurer,” says Wynn. “He’ll do anything to get where he wants to go.”

The same can be said of Seth’s father, who spent his own boyhood in a girl’s body, a situation at least as confusing to Wynn back then as it is to others now.

There are times with Seth, at Bray Park or Sam’s Club or anywhere Bradenton dads go, when the furthest thing from David Wynn’s mind is the years of therapy, hormones, surgery and the slow, painful confrontation with self that brought him to here.