Monthly Update – November 2015

Monthly update for November 2015

First, I want to start by thanking all of the people who donated to the update of the site. I wish I could say the update was going well, but the coders are now several months late. The underlying code is much more complicated than a typical website. The links to profiles, pixs/galleries, chat, etc., all add complexity. It is a testament to Jon and Dan that they put this all together. Also, what makes it possible to manage the site is the admin functions. Even with built in shortcuts, scripts, etc., still takes hours each day to keep up with the admin part.

Here is a list of people who donated to the site update (in no order):

Nomdeplume, Claire, Christina, Thomas, Lisa C, John, Susan E, Don H, William D, Shawn P, Jamie, Michael F, Stanly C, Martha, Sasha M, Angelica, Joey, Charles F., Vani, Richard, Jennifer M, Jillian G, Toria and Mike T.

I likely missed someone and I left off at least one person, who I wasn’t able to match to a member.

Here is a quick link to make a donation through PayPal:

Again, big thanks!

Next, after several years, the Gold Membership pricing has increased for a few options. It has been a long time (ever?) since any increase. The reason why is I received notice this week that the state of SC requires URNA to collect a 6% sales tax on Gold memberships. I may still try to fight this, but the penalties keep building, so I decided to pay. The one time and recurring monthly rate is unchanged. The same with one time quarterly. The recurring quarterly rate increased from $11.95 to $12.95 and the annual rate increased from $41.95 to $44.95.

For those who want to purchase a Gold membership through PayPal or make a donation to the update, but prefer to send a check or cash, please let me know, and I will send you information via email.

Third, we picked up a couple of advertisers: Barbara Deloto and Stockings Showcase. Barbara D is an author that I am sure many of you are familiar with. Stockings Showcase is new to me, but looks to have quality stockings and hose at reasonable prices. Please consider shopping both.

Last, one quick comment on profiles. I have been working on making sure profiles of those who use chat are visible. However, we have too many new users (over 31,000 total members) for me to fix every new member profile. Usually, if your profile is not visible it is because there is too much missing info. There is a built in algorithm that flips a bronze or silver profile to visible. If you have filled in most of the boxes and your profile is not visible, add in your postal code. The postal code is not visible, and is only used in “find people nearby” feature.

Have a great November and Happy Thanksgiving!


PS: My 62 birthday is on the 24th. I may be a little moody around that time…..LOL