Nepal gets a new villain – a transgender – by Sudeshna Sarkar

Kathmandu (IANS) Thirteen years ago, Nepal’s Maoists became dreaded when they began an underground war against the state. Later, the last king Gyanendra became hated when he strove to make himself an all-powerful monarch. Now, with monarchy abolished and the Maoists having laid down arms, Nepalis are being presented with a new villain.

Veteran Nepali film director Shovit Basnet’s upcoming movie “Chino” (the sign) is set to usher in a new trend in villainy.

The revenge drama will see Nepal’s fresh-faced heroine Regina Upreti battling an evil schemer who kills people as easily as one would swat a fly.

However, the new villain is neither a man nor a woman. For the first time, Nepal’s fledgling film industry will see a debut by a transgender.