Nepal Issues First Citizenship ID For Transgender Persons

A transgender person has been legally recognized in Nepal for the first time in the country?s history.

Chanda Rani ? now Chanda Musalman ? today received a citizenship ID from Khas Karkandho with the ?M/F? under ?gender? erased and ?Both? substituted.

?About 10 days ago, I was in Nepalgunj visiting Blue Diamond Society?s (BDS) Branch office and met a number of Metis [a male person who dresses and identifies as a woman] including Chanda Rani,? said Sunil Pant, who heads BDS, Nepal?s LGBT rights group.

?We discussed about many human rights issues and constitutional rights of transgenders, gays, lesbians and bisexual people.

?During the discussion, I told the Metis that the Citizenship Team, the government team that is registering citizenship ID to Nepali citizens, was issuing citizenship IDs and that transgender should demand the citizenship that truly represents themselves, not as a man or a women but as transgender, and to test the Interim Constitution that ensures equality for every citizen.?