New Anonymous Hosting Site Goes Live

A new Web Hosting service went live in May – Run by one of our members, Zoe, it offers “Anonymous” hosting for girls and TG related sites. We asked Zoe to explain what exactly this means.

“Many girls wanting a webs get very worried about signing up with Web-Hosting companies, as most of them want your real name and address. It took me ages to work out a way I could get myself on the Net without giving my personal details away. Domain registration is also a big problem for the same reason. With, girls can register domains and receive a FULL web hosting service without giving any personal details at all, except an email address and their Paypal account. For most girls, getting a website is almost as stressful as going out “dressed” for the first time. We try to take that stress away!”

Zoe also offers a free hosting service with no ads or popups. “I hate popups ! The free service is popup free unlike Geocities etc. All we ask is that girls with free sites put our banner somewhere on their site.”

With over 23 years experience in the computer industry, Zoe is no “Cowgirl” either !

“We have teamed up with a couple of established companies in the web-hosting industry. Girls websites will not just suddenly “disappear” from the net like with some Hosts. All eventualities have been covered. is here, and here to stay”.

For more information, visit