New TG Support Chat Room – Rachelle’s Room

Introducing the TG Support Chat Room – Rachelle’s Room. It’s a new chat room opening for our members who are Transgender, whether in transition or post-op, for support in dealing with gender identity related questions/concerns. The support is from one URNA member to another, dealing with the special concerns of transgender individuals and is not intended to give professional advice.

This chat room will be more restrictive than the general chat room in that cyber sex is forbidden and private messages are strongly discouraged. Discussions on politics, sports, religion, sex, or fetishes will be banned unless specifically addressed by the group discussion as part of an ongoing conversation. The sharing of pictures without being asked is not allowed.

We want an open, active discussion, sharing of stories, triumphs and hardships, in order to develop a sense of community among those of us that see our gender issues as more than just changing clothes. URNA mods will monitor the room when it is open and will have the authority to remove individuals who violate the room rules.