Nicole Ashahi – URNA’s Very First Member!

Nicole Ashahi – URNA’s Very First Member!

Nicole Ashahi was the very first member here at URNotAlone! That’s quite an accomplishment if you think about it, in a cultural landscape that is constantly changing and redefining itself. We thought we’d ask her a few questions about URNA and what it and her site means to her.

URNA: As THE original number one member of URNA, what do you think of the changes that the site has gone thru?

Nicole: The most obvious change is a much bigger members population. It’s good to see getting to be such a “grown up”! I also like the Web site: much better-looking than it used to be. The user profile edit features are cool.

URNA: Do you think anything is missing from URNA?

Nicole: I would suggest adding discussion “forums”. I think a forum really adds a lot to the “community” feel of a Web site.

  • [Editor’s Note] We actually added Discussion Forums a few months ago, but we haven’t promoted them as well as we should have. In the future, expect to be able to discuss Events, Articles, who knows what else!

URNA: What’s your favorite outfit and why?

Nicole: My fave outfit would have to include a short flippy little pleated miniskirt, ’cause first of all, my legs are among my best features. (Imagine that, a T girl with great legs… How rare! 🙂

Second of all, nothing attracts men more than a daringly short skirt. (A nice rounded cleavage gives the short skirt a run for the money, but of course, it’s something I don’t possess!).

URNA: What made you want to start your own website?

Nicole: It’s the same reason why I love going out en femme: I just love the amorous attention that Nicole gets. It’s very intoxicating. It’s something I had not experienced as a man. (OK, so that kinda tells you that, as a man, I’m very much an “Average Joe”, not a “Hunk”!) Sometimes I wonder if what I feel going out as Nicole is the same feeling that teenage girls experience when they start blossoming and start garnering a different kind of reaction from the malefolk.

URNA: How do you handle all the admirers?

Nicole: I try to be polite, which can be difficult, especially when the admirer basically says, “Wanna ‘hook up’?” without even so much as introducing himself/herself, let alone including a personal “bio”or a photo.

URNA: How often do you update your site?

Nicole: About every 5-10 days. I add new pics at most every ten days, sometimes more frequently. I write in my “diary” when I have some fun/interesting/funny experience that I think my members might enjoy reading about.

URNA: What is the best advice you can give to our members about being transgender?

Nicole: Eyeliner and earrings! They can help even Ozzy Osbourne look rather femme!.

URNA: Do you ever have plans of going full time?

Nicole: I don’t have any plans on going full-time. At the moment, I feel that I am a “text-book” fetishistic crossdresser. I love to put on the “Nicole” persona because she is so beautiful (if I do say so myself :-). I love to look in the mirror and see a beautiful sexy creature. I love to “flirt” with her. And, of course, I’d love to have sex with her. Yes, my dress-up sessions almost always end with an orgasm.

However, I also feel a sense of satisfaction, or calm, or peace, when I dress up. I don’t even need to look at myself to experience this. Is that a sign of being transexual? Or is it just knowing that I look hot? 🙂

I plan to enjoy being a fetishistic crossdresser for as long as I can, until time (and gravity! 🙂 ) come knocking.

URNA: Who is your favorite author and why?

Nicole: I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t read books much! I read as much of the Sunday New York Times as I can. For keeping up with current events, I listen to NPR news programs like “The Morning Edition”, “All Things Considered”, “The World”, etc., and I read the various newswire stories carried by Yahoo! My most enjoyable reading though, is when I have a spur-of-the-moment questions (“How do I build a PC?”, “How to do a bikini wax?” 🙂 ) and I can find answers via Google.

URNA: Are you a cat or dog person?

Nicole: I’m definitely a dog person. A dog’s unquestioning love and loyalty of its owner is something humans should aspire to.

We would like to thank Nicole for gracing us with her presence for these te… well, since the beginning really. Let’s not start talking about the passage of time.