No Big Deal – By Lorraine Ali

A veteran of corporate America says big companies are leading the way in helping transgender social reform.

Margaret Stumpp, 54, is a vice president at Prudential Financial Inc. A 20-year veteran, she is the first openly transgender person at the firm, which has nearly 40,000 employees. Stumpp transitioned from Mark Stumpp to Maggie in February 2002, all while maintaining her position as chief investment officer for Quantitative Management Associates (a subsidiary of Prudential). When Stumpp returned to the office as Maggie, she sent this memo to her fellow employees: “From: M. Stumpp. Subject: Me.” “This will be new ground for all of us,” Stumpp wrote. “However, if September 11 taught us anything, it was that life is far too precious and short. Each of us must strive to be at peace with ourselves.” She signed the note “Margaret.” She spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Lorraine Ali.