No, Gay Soldiers Won’t Be Allowed to Cross-dress While on Duty – Brandon Friedman – Author, Vice Chairman of

As you can see from the photo, Dan is a combat veteran of Iraq. Dan is not only an infantry officer, but he also has a degree in Arabic — something very important if you’re going to be in a place like Iraq. Dan earned his degree in Arabic — and his commission — from a very good school in upstate New York known for providing America with some of its best leaders. The school he attended is commonly known as “West Point.”

Now, notice that Dan is not wearing a dress. He’s wearing the Army’s standard ACU. Also, notice that Dan is not wearing makeup, eyeliner, or dangly earrings. He’s just wearing the normal Kevlar helmet and protective eyewear that you typically see infantrymen wear in Iraq. Observe that Dan also looks as though he’s barking orders, something infantry officers sometimes have to do in dangerous situations. What he’s not doing, however, is hitting on the other male soldiers in his unit. And he’s not spying on his fellow male soldiers in the shower.