No offense to gays? Who is she kidding? – Scott Maxwell

For years, State Rep. Sheri McInvale claimed to be a gay-friendly Democrat.

But when she switched parties, she apparently found new friends.

The latest mailing that McInvale and her Republican Party sent out is supposedly about immigration. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at the main photo she used.

The photo McInvale picked features her Democratic opponent, Scott Randolph, standing with a drag queen. (It’s Miss Sammy, who’s probably one of Orlando’s most convincing queens. But a queen nonetheless.)

Above the photo is a line that says Randolph is “Wrong for our families.”

And on top of the picture of Randolph and the queen is a line that says: “Who do you think will have to pay their medical bills and other costs?”

If McInvale had decided to run a campaign based on homophobia, that’d certainly be her right.