Not a drag – A night of gender-bending performances at Peter Clark Hall – Libby Chisholm

Organized by Veronica Majewski and Stacey Zavarella, Peter Clark Hall was home to a Drag Show on Mar. 20, featuring humorous stage acts and multiple acoustic performances.

Majewski and Hannah Peck were the MCs for the evening, at various points calling on audience members to do their own portrayals of stereotypical gendered walks. Volunteers reached the stage hesitantly at first, before swarming up to do their own typical male walk, with jutting pelvis, and hands and body language centered on the genitalia, as well as the model-style, hair-flipping versions of a female walk. The best walks won not only applause, but top hats with moustaches and sideburns or feathered tiaras and fake eyelashes.