One way to get around the ban on same-sex marriage

California ?lesbian couple? raises eyebrows even among their own when one of them decides to undergo sex-change surgery

A Hayward couple, Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall, are queer even in the LGBT ?community.? Besides being co-authors of a lesbian murder thriller, Blind Curves, published by the lesbian-themed publisher Bold Strokes Books, their own relationship is not easily defined. Is it lesbian heterosexualism or heterosexual lesbianism?

For, Jacob, once a man trapped in a woman?s body, is now, presumably a woman transformed into a man. But for many years Jacob was Susannah, and she and Diane met 17 years ago at a gay pride parade in Boise, Idaho. Up until about 13 years, they were a lesbian couple; but four years ago, Susannah underwent the treatments and surgeries to maker her a ?he.? Now, said the May 1 Oakland Tribune, ?the two share their lives in Hayward as transgender man and lesbian wife.?