Online Pending Profiles

After a great deal of discussion, and a few heated arguments, URNotAlone has decided to make pending profiles available on our site. These are members who have completed ALL of the required information, but have not yet uploaded a photo that meets our requirements.

This was a really hard decision to make for us. URNotAlone has always been the site to see and be see, but we thought it was important to also help others in their journey and the best way was to include them in the community.

That being said, there are of course, conditions. Pending Profiles will not display with our Registered Profiles. You will notice that there is now a link on the search box that allows you to view Pending Profiles. These profiles can be searched and sorted just like regular profiles, but will only appear in their own section.

The same stipulations apply to Pending Profiles as well. You must at least have a Name, Location and have logged in within the last 4 four months, or your profile won’t display. Additionally, Pending Members will still be unable to access certain key features of the site, such as posting to Forums or Requesting Adult Galleries.

We realize, that for whatever reason, some people just aren’t ready to post themselves online, and we wanted to include them without taking away from our world renowned quality listings.

Who knows, maybe allowing our Pending Members the ability to be a little more active in our community will help them take the next step. As always, all you have to do to become a fully registered member is to upload a full-length (head to toe), non-adult photo that clearly shows your face.

We hope to see you soon!