Our Logo Contest Winners!

Well, we asked, and you provided. We had more entries than you could shake a stick at, and it looks like our members have put a LOT of thought into their designs. Like everything else, it really helped reenforce for the staff here at URNA that our members are more than just random photos on the Internet, we have created a little family here.

We judged the submissions on a variety of criteria, from simplicity, to originallity and some that were just plain fun. We didn’t think we would get the response that we did, and some of the entries were truly creative!

We had so many entries that it was hard to pick. In the end, we decided to go with Dan’s simple male/female hybrid symbol. Yeah, it’s a little boring and plain, but soon, you will be seeing this design everywhere, and it has to look just as good on a flag or banner as it does on a teeny tiny business card.

Just because we ended up choosing Dan’s design doesn’t mean that our contestants walk away with nothing. In fact, every person who submitted an entry will get something!. Here are our top entrants and what they won! (Mind you, it wasn’t easy to pick just four!

Amy Glitter

First Runner Up

The design we came to affectionately refer to as the “Mud Flap” design. Amy gets a complimentary Six Month subsription to ModelTS!


Second Runner Up

Appealing to Jon’s love of the Yin/Yan symbol, Tia receives a Complimentary Three Month subsription to ModelTS!

Melissa Foxx

Third Runner Up

We liked Melissa’s simple, non-nonsense deign. Melissa receives a Complimentary One Month subsription to ModelTS!


Honorable Mention

Kristi, along with everyone else who submitted a logo, will recieve a complimentary One Month Pass to URNA.

Congratulations to Everyone Who Submitted a Logo!