Our New Photo Upload Page

Now that things have settled down from our move, we have been able to spend some time fixing bugs and making some much need improvements to the site.

Our latest Update is the Photo Upload page. In an effort to make it easier to manage your Profile photo, we have made the following changes:

1. Photo Upload now accepts GIF and BMP images in addition to JPEG and PNG.

2. There is now a simple to use, visual way to enable or disable your profile’s visibility.

3. Admin messages now appear right on the Photo Upload page, along with a quick simple link so that you can eMail us with questions or comments.

And last but not least.

4. You can now upload three additional images for your profile!

That’s right, we have added the abilty for you to add up to three more photos to your profile. Unlike your main profile photo, we do not limit the content, style or appearance of these three additional photos.

What’s the catch? Since we don’t monitor the content of these photos, we have to include them in our Adult Content policy. That of course means that you need a URNA Adult Membership, or a ModelTS Full Access Pass.

That really is a small price to pay, isn’t it? After all, where else can you get real photos, of real people, updated by the members themselves? A URNA Adult Membership is only $5.95 ($3.95 recurring) – hey, that really IS a small price!

As always, we are putting in over-time to improve the site and to bring you more great features. Thanks for being a part of this, and helping to make URNA the Number One Transgendered Resource on the Internet.