Pacific Coast Living (2010)

The Northern California TG Conference which in the past was designated as “California Dreamin'” is now named Pacific Coast Living (2010). It will be held in South San Francisco. I plan to attend. Those of you who want to see me in person can do so at the Conference if you are planning on going.

Otherwise, if you just wanna fly in to San Jose to say “hi” that’s cool too 🙂


A Conference on … Gender Expression, …. Transition and …. Becoming You!

About Our Conference

Our agenda provides educational information and support for members of the general public who are or may be transgendered. Participants will engage in educational sessions designed to enhance their personal and social growth in their gender identity and expression. Session leaders are noted speakers and professionals in the field of medicine, psychotherapy, personal presentation, and social development. In an open and inclusive environment, the participants will have opportunities to ask questions of our experts and to network with peers and experts from other parts of the county. The ideas presented and the ensuing discussions will aid the transgendered in meeting many challenges, both interpersonal and with society at large.

South San Francisco Convention Center
255 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080
July 10, 2010