Please Help Support House Bill 1722

Dear MLGBA Members,

As you know, thanks to the work of MLGBA Board members and members of the Committee on Transgender Inclusion, the MBA has unanimously voted to support House Bill 1722, “An Act Relative to Gender-Based Discrimination and Hate Crimes.” We would now like to request MLGBA Members’ assistance in asking other potential supporters of this legislation to write in support of the bill.

When public hearings begin, it is important that the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition be able to present letters of support to legislators. In particular, having employers write letters of support is vital to passing the bill. To this end, the Committee on Transgender Inclusion is now reaching out to individuals, businesses and organizations that might have a stake in this legislation. We need your help in doing this outreach.

In addition to employers, other important entities from whom we need letters in support of HB 1722 include public school administrators and teachers, landlords, labor organizations, and others with a stake in non-discrimination laws.