Pride Day Baby: Miss Conception – Chris Dupuis

Miss Conception was born proud. The singer/dancer/drag performer extraordinaire sprang forth from her mother’s loins on Pride Day back in 1980. Fitting perhaps, for a drag queen that’s all over Pride Week like pan-stick on a freshly shaven face. “I love having my birthday on Pride,” she laughs. “It’s like a huge party just for me every year!”

As Kevin Levesque, the budding Miss C made her drag debut at the tender age of 10. Enamoured with Disney’s animated film Beauty And The Beast, Levesque staged a little show at home in Mississauga one Christmas, where he played Belle to his sister’s Beast. “I came down the stairs with my hair slicked back in a ponytail wearing one of my mother’s dresses,” he says. “My Uncle Arthur videotaped the whole thing.” After it was over, Levesque’s mother asked why he couldn’t have let his sister play the girl, to which Uncle Arthur replied, “Because Kevin makes a better one!”