Rachel Love is announcing today her decision to become a candidate for Mayor of Eureka Springs

Rachel Love has brought Rachel Love Ministries to Eureka Springs just over two years ago and has been working to facilitate a spirit of cooperation and team work by investing in promoting concepts of Love: Love your neighbor and love your self. Through her investment in “Media Church” in newspapers, radio, and internet, Rachel has sponsored / co-sponsored events, fund raisers, activities and messages that have built unifying themes of interaction, resulting in group accomplishments that have been to the benefit of individuals, groups and the community as a whole.

Rachel presents that her skills as a facilitator, with corporate public relations experience and amazing life experiences will give her an exceptional ability to work with the varied elements of Eureka Springs as its Mayor. Rachel Love asks that folks eligible to vote in the next Mayors election consider how her positive concepts would benefit, prosper and bless Eureka Springs. Rather than an individual doctrine or theology, Rachel promises to bring Love to the community in purpose and practice, and to let the peace begin.