Reassessing gender reassignment – Gina Rosemellia – Staff Writer

The phrase, “I’m a woman trapped inside a man’s body,” provokes many reactions from people, most commonly an uncomfortable giggle.

A Batavia high school science teacher has begun the process of gender reassignment. Basically, he wants to become a she. In order to receive the surgery, he must dress and live as a woman for one year, a standard rule in medical procedures of this kind.

As you can imagine, many parents have a problem with this. Some have gone as far as to move their children to another school.

The media is the main resource for most people’s knowledge and understanding of transsexuals, who are still largely misunderstood in modern society. For better or worse, our culture has become dependent on media representations in film, television and print. We especially look to the media for information on things we feel distant from or threatened by.