RuPaul Appears Live at Her Screening of Starrbooty – By Sister Dana Van Iquity

?This is the front, and this is the back,? purred RuPaul, turning appropriately to utter her classic ?Supermodel of the World? catch phrase. She was modeling her silver skin-tight gown embossed with hundreds of Austrian crystals during her appearance at the SF International Film Festival premiere of Starrbooty on June 23 at the Castro Theatre. This hilarious spoof on spy films and exploitation of women in jeopardy stars RuPaul in deliciously tasteless street whore drag. In addition, she co-wrote, edited, and produced the movie. Supermodel RuPaul donned a gigantic white Afro wig especially for the occasion. Directed by Mike Ruiz, who directed Latin Boys Go to Hell, this production was his ten-year anniversary at the Castro Theatre. Taking a little over a year to make, the film was, in RuPaul?s slightly caustic words, ?a love letter to not only the rightwing Republicans, but also to the politically correct liberals.?

The film opens with the introduction: ?In a city filled with terror, one woman will change the course of history.? That would be RuPaul as agent Starrbooty, who needs to find her niece Cornisha who has been kidnapped by her archrival, Annaka Manners. Forced to go undercover as a hooker named Cupcake, Starrbooty must have sex with her johns, which means we get to see such hot porn stars as Gus Mattox and their big dicks and balls boldly displayed. We also see a plethora of drag queens, of course. The movie has such colorful phrases as: ?I?m gonna hunt you down like a crack whore after her baby Daddy on payday.? The Lady Bunny has a small role. As do many famous Big Apple DQs.