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PrideSource.com – compiled by Howard Israel

Originally printed 2/5/2009 (Issue 1706 – Between The Lines News)

“Those of us who reject traditional gender roles get to face an excessive amount of bad marketing in our daily lives. We threw a wrench into marketing strategy when we took on nontraditional motivations, unpredictable desires and unusual ways of expressing our identities. Fortunately for the marketers, we’re a relatively small chunk of the population that can be easily ignored. Unfortunately for us, we live in a world that inundates us with advertising, even when it’s not meant for our eyes. At its best, it’s a distraction. At its worst, an offensive invasion. We need a strategy. A basic easy-to-remember system for bushwacking our paths through the full-page spreads of life. I propose we…laugh. I’m serious. When life hands you a sexist billboard, make a joyful noise. I’m not talking about the passive-aggressive-evil-glare kind of angry cackle. I mean a real, sincere, giggle.”

– Sarah Dopp, editor of genderfork.com, a blog that explores androgyny and gender variance and blogger at www.sarahdopp.com/blog/, in a guest post about gender and money, queercents.com, Jan. 30.