Sense8 May 2017

This will be a short review. I am always looking for positive portrayals of tg individuals, where being tg is kind of like their hair color. Part of the character, but not the main point.

Netflix, just released Season 2 of Sense8. The story is complicated, but basically 8 individuals all born on the same day are telepathically connected to each other. Sounds complicated? It is at times as people pop in and out of scenes. I have to give the Wachowski’s credit, they make it work seamlessly

If you don’t know who the Wachowski siblings are, they gave us the Martrix trilogy. One of my all time favs. Both have announced that they are transgendered. Lana gave a wonderful speech about her acceptance of who she was at an HRC event a few years back. Her speech still brings me to tears for its truth (copy and paste

Her sibling LIly joined her last year in living her truth.

Back to Sense8, Jamie Clayton is perfect as a transgender hacktivist. If you have Netflix, a must watch. If you don’t have NetFlix, what is wrong with you? 🙂