Sex change ops no longer uncommon – Abantika Ghosh

New Delhi: “I feel trapped… my mind is crisscrossing… I am neither embarrassed nor traumatised. But I have a feeling of being incomplete” ? this is what Subhash (name changed) wrote in his declaration to doctors at Lok Nayak Hospital. He underwent a sex-change surgery and is now called Kajri (changed). He was lucky.

Most are not. A large majority of people whose minds are similarly crisscrossing or are confused about their sexuality don?t even know they can do something about it. They end up perhaps like Shanthi Soundarajan, who was recently parted with her Asiad silver medal. That dramatic turnaround has raised the question: could Shanthi have escaped the ignominy?

Do people out there know enough about sex-change procedures? Do they know about laws on sex-change surgeries? How common are they, anyway? TOI checked out the issue with some big Delhi hospitals. And the findings were a surprise.