Simply Barbra plays the Plush – by David Alexander Nahmod

There’s an excitement in the air, the kind of spark you feel right before one of your childhood idols comes out on stage. The crowd is ready.

The lights go down, the music begins. A spotlight hits the stage. Barbra is announced, and the applause begins. Then a woman’s figure appears in silhouette. The applause builds. When the lady steps out of the shadows and into the light, the crowd goes wild! The diva is onstage, and her subjects are here to worship her.

This isn’t Barbra Streisand in Central Park, or her 1993 “comeback” concert. Nor is this any of the “final” concerts Streisand has done since. This is New York actor Steven Brinberg as the next best thing to the real McCoy. Brinberg’s Simply Barbra is not a drag show. It’s a performance.