Sisters celebrate 30th anniversary – by Jessica Lipsky, special to [X]press

Sisters Sara Femme and Roxanna Roles are gathered at Sister Kris Tall Mighty’s sunny house outside San Francisco’s Castro district. Almost like a group of excited high school girls getting ready for a prom, except they smoke cigarettes and dress in drag, the three spent the morning getting ready for the thirtieth anniversary of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence upcoming coming out party.

The Sisters began their San Francisco reign in 1979 when three men walked through the city to the nude beach dressed in full, traditional habits and garnered a lot of attention. Today, as an order of “rogue nuns,” the Sisters are dedicated to spreading happiness, expiating stigmatic guilt and serving the community. The group has no affiliation with the Catholic Church and consists of flamboyantly cross-dressing men, transgendered people and everyone in between.