Small Minds, Big Internet

Did you know that Jon, Dan and Scarlett are all the same person? I’ll bet you didn’t. I bet you thought URNA was a Transgendered community site. Well it’s not. It’s porn all the way baby!

All of this and more according to a person on UseNet who goes by the name Diane Arons.

Usually, we let stuff like this slide off of our back, but this time, it’s a little too much. Apparently miss Arons only hangs out on the Internet and loves to tear other people down.

URNA has always prided itself as a safe friendly place for Transgendered people and their friends and family, and frankly, her allegations just rubbed us the wrong way. Bigotry is just starting to seem so uncool.

It all started with a simple post inviting people to come join us. Her poorly worded, and incredibly angry response was entitled Free Transgender PORN SPAM. When she can’t make her point, she make her point, she moves into another channel

OK, so let’s see. We do have ADULT CONTENT, but it’s certainly not in your face, and it goes to fund everything else that we give away for free. I suppose that means we are taking advantage of the Transgendered.

But wait, it gets better. You see, she thinks that Jon is also Dan and Scarlett. Wow, this will take some explaining to my kids.

We know how much people love URNA. Hell, half the reason we do this is because so many people write us to tell us how we’ve touched their lives. I did this site for free for three years because of that alone.

It seems to me that the LAST place we should encounter this type of small-mindedness is in the Transgender community. Maybe I have the wrong idea, but the people that I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made here are more precious than anything else.

So if you have .02 cents to add to the conversation, sign up for a free account. We shouldn’t allow this kind of blind hatred and bigotry go unchecked.

Fortunately, the other people in the UseNet group have opted to completely ignore Dianne. Maybe that’s the best route here.

Maybe it’s not.