Social workers lifetime mission – Lorna Marsh

A Norfolk social worker still pursuing her career at the age of 77 has been nominated for a top national award for her contribution to care.

Barbara Ross has been put forward for the Outstanding Achiever of the Year 2006 award, one of the Department of Health’s annual Health and Social Care Awards.

She is the oldest social worker in Norfolk, if not England, and a leading expert in the field of gender dysphoria – people who feel that they have a gender identity that is different from their anatomical sex.

She founded the Norwich-based Gender Identity Services and set up the Oasis group for transgender people. An association has been named after her.

Mrs Ross, who is planning a conference at UEA in June for transgendered people and fellow professionals, said: “I am really thrilled to be nominated because it is work I have done for such a very long time and I have a huge commitment to it.”