Stand-Up at Mason – Assistant News Editor Scott Williams

Mason Student Strikes Comic Gold

?Hey there. I?m Alli, and I?m a transexual woman. For those of you who don?t know what a transexual is, I invite you to use your eyes.? With these words, senior anthropology major, Alli Medwin, began her stand-up comedy act.
Photo by Jason Hartsel

For 45 minutes, she shared stories, anecdotes and jokes based on her real-life experiences as a transwoman during her performance on Thursday May 3 in the Johnson Center?s Room B. Medwin has been honing her comedy skills for about two years.

Medwin said: ?Early 2005, I started collecting my stories. It?s taken a few years for me to discover how to find the funny that other people can appreciate. I started performing it mid-2005 at the Pride Week open mic. Since then, I?ve been working on my material. This was just my first solo show.?