Test case on gender reassignment for prisoner

PinkNews.co.uk – Joe Roberts

A test case to determine whether a convicted criminal in Boston should be granted a $20,000 (?10,000) sex-change operation at prison expense is still on-going after a year, despite costing $52,000 in expert witness fees alone.

The crux of the case rests on whether Michelle Kosilek, formerly Robert Kosilek, needs the surgery as a matter of medical necessity.

Kosilek, 58, was convicted of murdering his wife in 1990, claiming it was in self-defence after she split burning tea on his genitals.

In 1993 he changed his name to Michelle and in 2002, after being diagnosed with gender identity disorder, a judge ruled that medical treatment, including hormone treatment, laser hair removal and psychotherapy was appropriate.

Despite previous legal challenges however, no inmate has yet to receive a full sex-change.