The Accidental Artist: the Story of Frida Kahlo – by Lorette C. Luzajic

Frida Kahlo spent most of her 47 years sick and confined to her bed, but that didn’t stop her from having torrid erotic affairs with both men and women. She was an intense, passionate, fiercely intelligent woman with a formidable unibrow. She wanted to be a doctor but fate intervened, and she became an artist, literally by accident.

Frida was a mixed-heritage Mexican girl with a Hungarian and Jewish father, and Mexican Spanish mother. Frida was a smart, independent child whose strangely mannish beauty was evident early on. And she survived the Mexican Revolution, growing up with gunfire and riots and mayhem, but sadly, at age six she became very sick with polio. She may have also had a congenital disorder called spina bifida, which damages the spine and legs. Either way, one leg was much thinner than the other, and so she was disabled from early youth.