The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: Sand, Sequins and Song – by Brian Juergens, Associate Editor

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert was and remains one of the most optimistic, quotable, touching and giddily entertaining gay-themed films ever made. Thirteen years after its debut, an “Extra Frills” (if you’ve already seen the movie, you’ll get the joke) special edition DVD hits shelves today, boasting director commentary from Stephan Elliott, deleted scenes, bloopers, a making-of featurette, trailers, teasers and more.

In August 1994, a fresh-faced Bill Clinton was in the White House and getting things done, the country was still reeling from the Nicole Brown Simpson murder, and the stages were being built for the ill-fated Woodstock 25th anniversary concert. The Lion King’s roar was still echoing over the box office, and as usual, the studios were using August as a dumping ground for their less promising titles.

The United Nations had named 1994 the “Year of the International Family,” and such words were never truer for many of us than when a dilapidated bus christened Priscilla and topped with a giant high-heeled shoe wheeled onto our late-summer cinema screens.