The Baby Billionaires of Silicon Valley – David Kushner

The Internet’s new boom kids are poised to take over the world — if they don’t crash first

Think you’ve got the chops to make it big? Get your brag on and see what other readers are saying about the Web 2.0 elite.

Did someone order a lap dance?” It’s after midnight at the sleek Redwood Room club in San Francisco, and a towering transvestite in a slinky red dress and black feathered hat is coyly propositioning a table of nervous young dudes. Nearby, a bachelorette party of hotties in microminis strut into the club. The bride-to-be wears a veil stitched with glow-in-the-dark condoms. One of her friends appears to be wielding a large dildo. Another simulates a blow job on a guy in a giant king’s chair in the lobby.

Such displays would be seen by most guys as some kind of opportunity. But the richest guys in the bar cower together at their table like Weird Science geeks at the high school prom. The wilder the scene gets, the more oblivious they become. When no one takes the tranny up on her offer, she swishes her extra-large gloved hand in the air and fades dejectedly back into the crowd. The guys reach in unison for their drinks. “I can’t spend any money on transvestites tonight,” one deadpans. “My venture capitalist wouldn’t be happy.”