The California Dreamin 2008

The California Dreamin 2008

Transgender Convention April 17 – 20 San Jose, Ca.

California Dreamin 2008

Hi, my name is Jo-An Torres, aka, Sassycat and I want to let you know about the En-Fem weekend happening in San Jose, CA.

Cal Dreamin is an event held at the Hotel Doubletree right next door to the Sa Jose Int’l airport.

On Thursday, April 17 there will be a Shopping Excursion. Friday Night will be a Pajama Party! Saturday will feature a Couples Program with Significant Others. There will also be a SO Brunch on Saturday.

Featured speakers will include:
Kathe Perez & Lynn Skinner – Speaking and Singing in Your Femine Voice
Dr. Peter Davis, Dr. john O’Dea
Stephen Braveman & Melissa Fritchle Therapists
Denae Doyle – Tips for Creating A Feminine Image
Judy van Maasdam – Choosing a Therapist
Cisco Sanchez & Dr. Eric Vilain – Biology of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
Larry Zellers – Free consultations on hair and wigs

We’re planning seminars for transsexuals, crossdressers, wives and significant others. There will be presentations on SRS and Facial Feminization Surgery, hormones and your health, electrolysis, and a workshop on legal issues and problems.

On the lighter side, you can see presentations on perfecting your feminine presentation, wig care and makeup application.

Come to the Wives and Significant Others seminars to learn about dealing with TG issues in your relationship. Visit our vendors’ room to get a makeover, or shop for jewelry, wigs, accessories and more.

In the evenings, we’ll have a reception, hosted dinner excursions to some of our fabulous local restaurants, and a sumptuous banquet on Saturday night, with live entertainment.

Whether you attend California Dreamin for fun, for information, or to take your first steps out of the closet in a supportive environment, we promise you’ll have a wonderful time.

California Dreamin is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

If you’re flying in for Cal Dreamin (and if you’re staying at the Doubletree), you can take advantage of the Doubletree’s free airport shuttle. Just phone (408) 453-4000 from one of the airport’s kiosks, and the Doubletree shuttle will pick you up.

SHIP YOUR CLOTHES! If you’ll be staying at the Doubletree and would like to avoid the hassle of bringing your clothes on your flight with you, you can ship your clothes ahead of you.

We have a mailing label you can use to ship your clothes. Simply print it out and fill in your name after the words “Hold for.” (Use the name under which you made your hotel reservation.)

California Dreamin 2008 –