The Holy Trinity of Trannyshack Celebrates Another One – By Sister Dana Van Iquity
Published: November 16, 2006

In case you?ve been living under a sequined, glittered rock, and didn?t realize it, the Miss Trannyshack 2007 Pageant is coming to The Regency Center on Nov.18. So naturally, your reportress had to get an exclusive interview of three of the fiercest drag queens that will be there. I spoke with Co-hostess Heklina, Co-hostess Miss Juanita More, and one of the judges, The Lady Bunny. Here?s the dish!

(Sister Dana) When did you first know you were a drag queen? An actress?

(Heklina) I first knew I was a drag queen when I tried on one of my sister?s skirts when I was 7 years old and it looked better on me than it did on her?I loved the way it twirled! I know I?m an actress every time I bump into you Sister Dana and I act like I?m happy to see you?.I should win an Academy Award for that one!

Juanita: Damn, Sister Dana are you really just trying to find out my age? Well, I?ve considered myself a working drag queen for 15 years.

Lady Bunny: Well, in first grade, my school put on a ?talent? show. I played a snake charmer, complete with a gold lam? turban, harem pants, and slanted eye make-up, which attempted (sloppily) to mimic my idol, Barbara Eden. Although I traded in the turban for a blonde wig, I?ve charmed quite a few ?snakes? since then! I realized that I was an actress as a child. I would act like I didn?t want to be raped.