The Jewel Box – The Emerald City’s hidden theater gems. But Mostly the Vaudevillians – Posted by megvanhuygen

You know a drag queen is good when you can’t actually tell if she is a woman or not. And you are one. A woman, I mean.

I first saw The Vaudevillians at Schmorgasborg, the Balagan Theater’s free monthly gallimaufry of weirdness, sometime last summer. Before they’d played a note, the shtick was refreshing: Doctor Dan von Dandy (Richard Andriessen) and his wife, Kitty Witless (Jerick Hoffer), explained that they had been the one of the hottest cabaret acts of the 1920s when they were frozen in an Antarctic avalanche, and they’ve recently thawed out to discover that their hit singles have been stolen and misappropriated by the likes of Cher and Lady Gaga. So they’re here to perform “Bad Romance” et al as it was originally intended, Tin Pan Alley-style. All tarted up in cloche hats and big rouge circles. Adorable. Love it.