The Nasty Habits. A killer Seattle Rock cover band that is Transgendered


I spent my Valentines 2007 at the funhouse, thanks to an invitation by my friend Lux, who was performing. I chatted with some musicians, who were in a band called the Nasty Habits. The band was in total and convincing drag.

They were actually the best looking woman in the place at that point. I wanted to learn more about this group of ladies loading in pro guitars and drums.

Naturally, I figured it would be the usual gimmicky band playing some covers. We talked New York Dolls, David Bowie, and other usual glam rock chatter.

My assumption that they probably could not play was totally wrong. This is one of the better cover bands in Seattle. The guitarist and bass player play together perfectly. The soloing is mistake free, and every song is played exactly the way it is supposed to be played. The group is totally rehearsed, and knew exactly what they were doing musically and made zero mistakes.