The Silver Swan Ball

Ticket prices have been reduced to $70!

The Silver Swan Ball is a celebration of life for the Tristate transgender community and friends.

This event is a major part of a fundraiser by Michael’s music company, MB Arts, to raise money so that the song “Silver Swan” can be recorded professionally and made into a music video by Michael, Kerri and their band.

The song is about a boy who comes out as transgender and, as a result, ends up living on the streets. He transitions to a beautiful young woman, but ultimately loses her life while living on the streets. This is an all too familiar event that goes unreported by the media, and often there is no justice for this beautiful soul who loses her life.

Through the video, our hope is to raise awareness for this very vulnerable population. We hope the video goes viral, and in the video, we will be stating “You Have a Voice!” There are people all around who love and support you. We will also include contact information of support services for those who find themselves with no place to turn.

The Hampton Ballroom at Holiday Inn. Plainview, New York
215 Sunnyside Blvd (at Exit 46)