This Year, NYFW Street Style Is All About Minimalism – Alyssa Coscarelli & Erin Cunningham Sept 11, 2016

If you’ve been going to, or following, Fashion Month for some time, it’s hard to imagine a moment before street style — and its unofficial motto, more is more is more — reigned supreme. Oversized sunglasses with twists, twirls, and glitter; bags that look like dogs, dolls, or fruit; and full head-to-toe designer looks completely took over. A parade of over-the-top peacocks became the norm.

This season, however, we’re finally starting to see a shift. In the Vetements-era of streetwear and oversized everything, the rebirth of nostalgic brands like Juicy Couture and Champion, and graphic T-shirts that look like they were bought at a gift shop, a different aesthetic is making its way into street style — and it’s a lot more, dare we say, chill.

Want to pair that A-line skirt with a thrifted tee? Go for it. Planning on ditching your heels for sneakers all week? By all means. Not only are the vibes way more laid-back, but it means that the outfits we’re seeing are casual, practical, and, most importantly, easy to emulate. Has the era of peacocking officially passed?

Click through for a dose of minimalism that might have you saying yes.

Editor: Pam – since many of you did/do not have the benefit of sisters, mothers, girlfriends sharing fashion advice, I thought this might help us get out of our “city casual” fashion rut.