Through the Brick Wall…and Back Again

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a concept album the band Of Montreal put out called “Skeletal Lamping,” which featured a character, the lead singer’s alter ego, called Georgie Fruit. Georgie is a person who has been through multiple sex changes, from man to woman and back again many times.

Predictably, my employer walked by and said that she couldn’t understand that at all. To her, “it’s like make up your mind already!” she said. It would be entirely lovely if things worked out like that, wouldn’t it? If every decision we made was right for us forever? But just saying that now gives me a good laugh. Things don’t always go that way. The decisions we make are based on what has happened to us in the past and what we desire for ourselves in the future. There’s just too many variables to predict a set outcome.