Trans killings frequently go unsolved, report says – By Elizabeth Perry

Two Ga. victims among ?50 under 30? slain in last decade

Only 15 years old, Quincy Favors Taylor performed as a woman at Atlanta bars, including the now-defunct Loretta?s nightclub. But Taylor?s attempt at a glamorous life was cut short on Oct. 10, 1995. The young transgender teen was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest and abandoned behind a grocery store, according to Atlanta police records.

Taylor?s killing has never been solved. Neither has the beating death of Robert Martin, who was found critically injured on Jan. 7, 2001, at an abandoned school in Ashburn, Ga., a small town about 30 miles east of Albany in the southern part of the state.

Family members said Martin, age 29, often dressed as a woman, and was wearing a woman?s wig at the time of the attack. After languishing in a coma, Martin died April 3, 2001.