Transsexual calls for gender education – writer

A transsexual is calling on schools to raise better awareness of gender and sexuality issues after claiming she was subjected to two weeks of “urban terrorism.”

Hull based Rikki Arundel says a gang of 10 youths are repeatedly targeting her with rocks and mud as well as jibes such as ?tranny.?

She says the culprits, who wore balaclavas and only stopped when more police took to the streets, also caused hundreds of pounds of damage to her home.

Ms Arundel told the Hull Daily Mail: “When it started it was frightening. I found it quite terrifying, they were getting bolder and bolder. They were taunting me.

“They would shout ‘tranny’ at me. Some were even wearing balaclavas. We are talking urban terrorism here.”

The attacks started on November 20 2006 and continued for 2 weeks.