Transsexual cop killer hunted in Bay State – By Michele McPhee – Boston Herald Police Bureau Chief

Dressed in drag to evade capture, notorious Boston cop killer Thomas Shay is the target of a massive manhunt after violating his probation, for the third time,since he killed one BPD officer and maimed another in a 1991 bombing, the Herald has learned.

Cops are chasing Shay on state and federal arrest warrants stemming from probation violations after he was busted for assaulting yet another local police officer in Boston and other charges in the town of Spencer, said U.S. Marshal Jeff Bohn.

Bohn, along with the Boston Police Department?s Fugitive Unit, believes that Shay is donning a wig and a dress to avoid detection. Shay, who has a long arrest record for male prostitution, could be selling his body as a transsexual, investigators believe.