Transsexual may return to construction

Montreal – The woman who worked in construction for 20 years before becoming known as the Bookworm Bandit while robbing banks across Canada may return to the construction industry.

Christine White, 57, gained notoriety in 1997 and 1998 as police forces from Montreal to Vancouver pursued a crafty robber who targeted banks with light security and often used a receipt book to slip her threatening holdup notes to tellers.

She was also dubbed the Unisex Bandit by Toronto investigators who were baffled about the gender of their suspect in a 1997 holdup of a Bank of Nova Scotia branch.

White, who had a sex change operation in 1993, dressed like a man to carry out her robberies.

She held up 31 banks between May 1997 and November 1998, when she was finally caught after robbing a bank in Belleville.

White was sentenced in 2002 to an 11-year term, which was reduced to eight years once her time in pre-trial custody was taken into account.

Over the past few years, she has been serving her time at the Joliette Institution, about 100 kilometres northeast of Montreal.