Transsexual Men Discover Differences Are More Than Skin Deep – By Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Rage Against the Machine – Transsexual Men Discover Differences Are More Than Skin Deep

Dhillon Khosla wants to have things both ways. His personal publicist ( Levine Communications ) bills his new book, Both Sides Now, as ?a rare glimpse in to what it is like to live as both a woman and ( currently ) as a man?and offers extraordinary insight and perspective into the sexes.? Yet in the concluding chapters of the memoir he writes, ?If there ever was a time when I thought I had some special insight into the minds of women, that time was now past.?

Khosla declined to be interviewed for this article. In a recent appearance on The View?explaining his discomfort at the term transgender?Khosla says that after 15 surgeries, he feels ?to use any other label but man feels like a betrayal to those efforts.? Elsewhere, he?s noted that he feels more accepted in blue-collar bars than the LGBT community. Neither sentiment however, precludes an interest in queer money, and Levine Communications is actively courting the LGBT press and marketing Both Sides Now directly to LGBT readers.