Transsexual speaks at local church – Contributed by: Laura Hoeppner

A New Name, A New Beginning

Before Matt Kailey was a man, he was a woman with a different name. After making the choice to become a man, he needed to choose a man’s name. So, out of respect for his departed parents, he opened the baby book that they made for him and looked through the list of names they chose back in 1955. If he had been born a boy, he would have been “Matt.” With a connection to his parents’ wishes, he finally became the man he had always believed himself to be.

Increasing Understanding, Engendering Acceptance

In an effort to increase understanding about the transsexual experience, Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church hosted guest speaker Matt Kailey, a Denver author, speaker, and female-to-male transsexual, at its service on Sunday, March 4, 2007.